About Bsante

Bsante is a wellness brand that aims to provide foods, beauty products and natural beverages that enable its customers to strive for a healthier lifestyle by using its 100% natural products daily.

The founders of BSANTE

a French-Indian multidisciplinary team

As part of an in-depth reflection on the harmful effects of the massive use of chemicals (paraben, sulphate, silicone) present in cosmetics and gluten contained in our “daily bread”, a team made up of chemists, researchers , pharmacists and doctors from France and India, took the initiative to select and jointly create natural products -from the lush and abundant Indian nature that favors the ancient combination of several plants, fruits, vegetables and roots- endowed with beneficial powers and saving for our health.

The complementarity of the actors involved and their proven experiences correlated with their ancestral knowledge of the beneficial properties of fruits, vegetables, fruits, roots, trees, Indian bark … .the origins go back to ancient times, allowed the harmonious realization on the one hand , cosmetics and cosmetics and secondly, the allocation of cereals and vegetables without gluten.

The combination of specific and complementary plural know-how has fostered this double capacity to reflect chronologically, first of all, on the needs of Westerners in terms of prevention and the protection of their health and their expectations regarding consumer behavior,

And then, in a second step, to identify available natural products from Indian vegetation, ancestral ways and customs based on ayurvedic, able to meet this growing consumer demand, namely: how to preserve and protect our body against multiple “aggression” of harmful products and what products are available and effective for our health.

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