BoosterSanté is an original concept created by Bsanté that aims to allow you to create your own fresh juice at home from dehydrated fruits and vegetables according to your tastes and nutritional needs.

The contribution of the micronutrients and antioxidants contained in every fruit and vegetable that your body needs daily is the keystone of this concept. With the development of emerging diseases and cancers, the body needs to protect itself from the oxidants and toxins that grow insidiously in your body. Fruit and vegetable juices enriched with ginger, turmeric, chia, moringa, tulsi are definitely a booster for your vitality and act as powerful allies for your health while strengthening the immune capacity of your cells by appropriate and protective nutrition. The founding principle of life is based on the general idea that what we eat has a direct effect on our body. Others will say, “our health is on our plate,” so it is essential that our immune system, which is the body’s first defense mechanism against hostile forces that cause health problems, be reinforced daily. . Extensive research on a given population for epidemiological studies and observations has shown that subjects and patients who consume fruit and vegetables on a daily basis have a longer life span.

The innovation of the concept is based on your ability to make your own 100% natural juices and smoothies from dehydrated fruit and vegetable powders to eat according to your taste preferences. Nature offers us a multitude of fruits and vegetables, often the most novel, capable of boosting our energy and intensifying our immune defenses, to safeguard our vital system, to guard against external and internal attacks by unsuspected combinations from phytoneutritional compounds.


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