Our fruit juices will be enriched by a small amount of the following seeds, roots, plants, herbs and spices? powdered and add to your fruit juice.

Min. order quantity: 100pcs


per kg

For larger quantities or for any bulk order,please contact us by email and specify your request.


Ginger is a tropical plant native to Asia. For millennia, we use its root (rhizome) as a spice to raise and decorate many recipes, in addition to using it as a medicinal plant, its place in our diet is therefore preferred. Ginger contains Manganese, Copper, Magnesium and a multitude of vitamins B6 and C. Ginger is recognized worldwide for its anti-inflammatory properties that can replace ibuprofen and has a strong anti-proliferative property that has main function of reducing prostate cancer. It is therefore an excellent food in the context of cancer prevention.


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