Our fruit juices will be enriched by a small amount of the following seeds, roots, plants, herbs and spices? powdered and add to your fruit juice.

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Qualified as Queen of plants or elixir this small plant is famous and is highly valued in India, so its virtues are extraordinary. It is a very important plant ally in protecting our health. With a delicious and aromatic taste, the Tulsi provides wellbeing almost instantly and the effects on our health are visible gradually when you consume Tulsi regularly. Its virtues are legendary and in addition to purifying the body and providing a certain longevity, the tulsi ensures the rebalance of the body while purifying and improves the immune system. In addition, other benefits are attributed to Tulsi: digestive, soothing, vitalizing because it contains Vitamins A and C, eugenol, ursolic acid, calcium, phosphorus and various minerals and trace elements. Finally, the Tulsi has an antibacterial, antiviral, antiparasitic and disinfecting effect, it protects against infections, including colds, flu and cough, it tones the body without creating excitement or irritability, it helps to repair and to moderate allergic disorders, it serves as a shield to the cardiovascular system and stabilizes blood pressure, is known to combat the harmful effects of diabetes and stabilizes blood sugar, it acts on aging and improves longevity. Tulsi is a powerful antioxidant.


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