Goji Berry Powder

How to use: Mix in a blender or in a container a quantity of fruit powder with water. 1 tablespoon of powder for 50 ml of water. For this 50g sachet we obtain 1.80l of juice.

Min. order quantity: 100pcs


per kg

For larger quantities or for any bulk order,please contact us by email and specify your request.


Called the fruit of happiness or the fruit of the miracle of the Himalayas or the fruit of longevity, Goji is naturally rich in Vitamin C. Originally from Tibet, Goji is a small red fruit that looks like a small dried cherry. The goji berry contains unique polysaccharides.
It also contains beta-carotene and zeaxanthin.
The goji fruit is the largest source of anti-oxidants and carotenoids known among all foods. Its content of phosphorus, potassium and calcium is no longer to prove. Goji is also rich in carbohydrates Vitamins C (400 times more than orange) B1, B2, B6, B12 and Vitamin E (very rare in food). The presence of Omega 3, linoleic acid and alphalinolenic acid, easily assimilated, essential to the brain and the nervous system were also identified. The virtues of goji are many: it helps depressed people, reduces stress, increases memory and concentration, and helps regulate cholesterol. Other benefits have been verified: goji berries prolong the life span and combat the effects of aging, they increase our energy and stamina, reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol, balance blood sugar levels, improve libido and sexual function, relieve headaches dizziness, strengthen the heart and protect against cardiovascular problems, regenerate blood, improve vision, stop the growth of tumors, strengthen the health of the kidneys, improve memory etc. Goji is known for being the most powerful antioxidant in the world.


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