Blueberry Powder

How to use: Mix in a blender or in a container a quantity of fruit powder with water. 1 tablespoon of powder for 50 ml of water. For this 50g sachet we obtain 1.80l of juice.

Min. order quantity: 100pcs


per kg

For larger quantities or for any bulk order,please contact us by email and specify your request.


These blueberries or Bilberry are rich in minerals, Vitamins C and polyphenols. Its antioxidant (anti cancer) content is very high and it protects against several diseases. Bilberry flavonoids play a protective role against certain cancers including colon, breast, prostate, stomach and intestines. In the context of prevention, this small fruit is an excellent barrier against the proliferation of cancer and tumor cells. It also prevents cardiovascular risks, lowers blood sugar levels and protects against aging.


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